Stem Cell and Cell Differentiation

Real-Time Monitoring and Image Analysis of Human Skin-Derived Precursor (SKPs) Cell Differentiation

Differentiation of human skin-derived precursors (SKPs) into smooth muscle cells (SMCSs) and undifferentiated SKPs (C) with or without the application of transforming growth factor (TGF)-β1 (A) or TGF-β3(B) and subsequently fixed and stained to display a-smooth actin, calponin, and SM22a. Real-time analysis correlates the increase in Cell Index with that of morphological differences between the differentiated and undifferentiated SKPs (D). (Data and figures adapted from Steinbach SK, et. al., 2011).

Morphological Changes of Keratinocytes During Terminal Differentiation

(A) Calcium-dependent morphological changes of keratinocytes during terminal differentiation can be exhibited using the RTCA xCELLigence system. (B) The increase in Cell Index correlates with image-based morphological analysis. (Data and figures adapted from Spörl F, et. al., 2010).

Key Benefits of Using xCELLigence for Studying Stem Cells and Cell Differentiation:
  1. Real time data reveals the kinetics of cell differentiation.
  2. Label-free nature minimizes the need for staining with fluorescent markers involving multiple handling steps for fixation and staining.
  3. The non-invasive nature of the assay, in combination with the E-Plate VIEW area allows for correlation of real time data with imaging assays.
xCELLigence Research Grant

The research grant winner will be provided access to the xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) DP instrument, consumables, and consultation for up to 6 months.  Apply by December 15, 2019.

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