Let the Flow Cytometer do the Work: 24/7

Complete Flow Cytometry Automation Solution with NovoCyte Quanteon.

Exceptional Walk-away Convenience with NovoCyte® QuanteonTM Flow Cytometer

Benefits of NovoCyte Flow Cytometry Automation – time and cost saving with trusted results 

  • Flow Cytometry automation enables 24/7 instrument operation, allowing for resource optimization and shorter time-to-results
  • Manual sample-handlings are time-consuming and error-prone, integrated automation workflow offers trusted results and leads to cost savings
  • Complete automation solutions offer transformative simplicity, sustainable reliability, and exceptional walk-away convenience to bring the best user experience
Key features of NovoCyte Quanteon enable efficient and transformative automation:

  • Open API ready for software and system integration
  • High throughput: 96 well plate <20 min, 384 plate < 80 min
  • Automated post-sampling rinse reduces carryover
  • Integrated orbital shaker keeps samples in suspension
  • Integrated barcode reader tracks plates and samples
  • Compatible labware: 24/48/96/384-well plate, 40 tube rack
Automated Flow Cytometry benefits most in:

  • High content screening and profiling (cells or beads)
  • Cell therapy and immunotherapy
  • Drug discovery & pharmacodynamics
  • Industrial microbial bioprocesses
  • Genetic engineering, gene editing


Make the Quanteon leap for simple, flexible, scalable, upgradable automation

An automation configuration example (with partner BioSero):

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The components of standard NovoCyte Quanteon robotic automation package include:

  • NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer – novel and powerful
  • NovoSampler Q Autosampler – fast and versatile
  • Precise Robotic Arm – collaborative, precise, reliable
  • NovoExpress Flow Cytometry Software – data collection & analysis all in one
  • Green Button Go Automation – the scheduling software choice for today and tomorrow
  • NovoCyte Large Fluidic Cart – piece of mind with expanded fluidics
  • Microplate and Tube Rack Storage – spacious and adaptable
NovoCyte Quanteon Flow CytometerNovoSampler Q AutoSamplerPrecise Robotic Arm
  • Powerful – 4 lasers, up to 25 independent fluorescent channels
  • Novel – first silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) Flow Cytometer
  • Sensitive florescence sensitivity (MESF): FITC <50, PE <20; scatter resolution: FSC: 0.4μm; SSC 0.1μm
  • Low carryover <0.1% (volume)
  • Thorough sample mixing – Orbital shaking up to 3000 rpm
  • Fast: 96 well plate <20 min
  • Versatile: compatible with 24/48/96/384-well plate, 40 tube rack
  • Embedded barcode reader
  • Precise PF400 robot – precise grip and handle with chosen gripper and fingers
  • Reliable – best-in-class robotic arm
  • Safe and intelligent – auto-stopping and collaborative teaching
NovoExpress Flow Cytometer Data Collection & Analysis SoftwareGreen Button Go Automation Scheduling SoftwareNovoCyte Large Fluidic CartCustomizable Hotels & Stacks


  • Highly Intuitive – straightforward interface , combined sample acquisition and data analysis
  • Easy to Use – auto-compensation, cell cycle and proliferation modules, heat maps, batch analysis functions, and more
  • Powerful and Robust –data export to multiple formats compatible with Lab Information System (LIS), 21 CFR part 11 compliance relevant tracking
  • Established and Future-proof – instrument compatibility drivers for over 200 instruments for standard and custom automation
  • Simplified GUI – designed every level of automation user: drag and drop operation, intelligent error handling and automated recovery
  • Reliable and productive– 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, robust sample processing and consistently high data quality for increased productivity
  • Extended fluid options—15L volume increases continual operation Active monitoring— containers feature a vent, sensor, and fill-line alarm
  • Cart/Bench flexibility— easy storage and transportation on bench or wheels
  • Hotel – random access
  • Stack – sequential

Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software

Simple & Intuitive – the scheduling software choice for today and tomorrow

DESIGN – Only a few clicks and ready to run your method
Drag And Drop Process DesignerQuickly design your processes
Simulation Mode TestGet comfortable with your run by testing processes and reviewing runtime data
Unified Robotic Teach PendantThe same interface for teaching and managing all plate handling robots ensures a short learning curve and easier support across platforms
RUN – User is in control
Runtime ReconfigurationModify a process during the run without starting over
Scheduling OptionsUsers can schedule simultaneous runs on the same workcell even updating plate input during the run
Multidimensional Error HandlingRecover and continue the method even following a catastrophic instrument failure
ANALYZE – You have your data stored and processed
Data ManagementAdaptable data input and post process sample analysis with amenable file formats
Compatible With Third Party DatabasesImport and export data from any LIMS
Positive Sample TrackingReal time tracking of all labware on the workcell
Standard bundles for fast implementation Custom solution with 360° integration
Base Package

  • Robotic arm: Precise PF400 arm
  • Green Button GoTM (GBG) scheduling software
  • 3 device drivers included (1 driver available)
  • Ambient plate storage: 4 hotel stacks
  • Random/Sequential access, Portrait/Landscape orientation
  • Baseplate for mounting storage, plate nests, and robot
  • Installation and initial user training

Upgrade Options

  • Standalone barcode reader
  • Carousel upgrade to 6 or 8 stacks
  • Additional GBG drivers for 3+ devices
  • Extended service agreements
  • Additional workflow integration or software training

Additional Options Available Upon Request

Ordering Info

Cat. No.Product Name
2010097ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4025 Flow Cytometer  (4 Lasers, 25 FL channels)
2020098ACEA NovoSampler® Q (For NovoCyte Quanteon™ only)
2010116Standard Robotic Automation Package for NovoCyte
Flow Cytometer
2020116Custom Order or Upgrade for NovoCyte
Flow Automation
2010117NovoCyte Large Fluidic Cart
2030028NovoCyte Large Fluidic Cart Solution Kit
872B607ACEA NovoFlow®  Solution (100X, 125mL x 4 bottles)
872B609NovoClean® Solution (5X, 500mL)
872B610NovoRinse® Solution (5X, 500mL)
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