NovoCyte Advanteon Flow Cytometer

Performance you can trust with the flexibility you need
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Advancing the Boundaries of Flow Cytometry

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The NovoCyte Advanteon flow cytometer builds upon the highly successful NovoCyte, and NovoCyte Quanteon, to provide an advanced set of capabilities for the most demanding scientists, yet is remarkably simple to operate. The NovoCyte Advanteon can accommodate today’s high-end and increasingly sophisticated multi-color flow cytometry assays, and provides the flexibility of 1, 2, or 3 laser options, with up to 21 fluorescence channels and 23 independent detectors. The NovoCyte Advanteon is customizable to meet your specific needs, but is easily upgradeable to meet your future demands. When throughput is essential, the NovoSampler Q can be integrated into different laboratory automation platforms, and can efficiently process both FACS tubes (using a 40-tube rack) and 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates. For the NovoCyte Advanteon, the intuitive and industry honored NovoExpress® software is now even more advanced, providing an exceptional user experience in data acquisition, analysis, and reporting.
  • Expanded flexibility with up to 21-color options utilizing 1-3 lasers, customizable, and upgradeable
  • Sample recovery mode serves to collect unused sample at end of acquisition
  • Superior sensitivity and resolution
  • Intuitive and powerful software for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting
  • Smart-design functionalities and walk-away operation simplifies your work flow
  • Automation-ready capability for high throughput needs
  • Wide, 7.2-log dynamic range eliminates the need for routine detector adjustments
  • High speed collection up to 100,000 events/second
  • Accurate absolute cell count in every experiment, which eliminates the need for reference beads
Experience the Advantage of Performance and Flexibility

Up To 21 Colors, plus Forward and Side Scatter

With up to 21 fluorescence channels, the NovoCyte Advanteon offers tremendous flexibility in panel design, thereby allowing more data to be collected per run. Assessment of T cell state and function is just one critical example for researching cell-based immunotherapies using multi-color staining panels. Here, the NovoCyte Advanteon was used to show T cell differentiation, monitor T cell exhaustion, and measure cytokine proliferation from PBMC’s following activation, all in one experiment.


The Performance You Can Trust

Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) — The Ultimate Photodetector

What is a SiPM?

Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM)

Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) are solid-state, photon-level sensitive semiconductor devices. With a compact array of avalanche photodiodes operating in unison, the SiPM found in the Advanteon can provide photon counting capability. The innovative optical design incorporates 21 independent SiPM, which collect light on each and every channel, with sensitivities that far exceed the traditional PMT’s.

SiPM’s strengths:

  • Superior photon detection sensitivity
  • High gain and high quantum efficiency
  • Instantaneous warm up and fast response
  • Robust and long lifespan
  • High durability

High Performance Fluorescence Detection to Resolve the Dimmest of Signals

The proprietary optical detection system found inside the NovoCyte Advanteon employs a series of 21 Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM), which have superb detection sensitivity, at the photon level. The novel design provides highly discrete management of each fluorescent channel, superior optical detection, and cross-talk between channels is completely minimized. The NovoCyte Advanteon also has an automatic optical filter recognition feature, which allows users to efficiently change filter configurations, as needed by the user. The system has a fail-safe hardware feature, which conveniently alerts the user to any improperly arranged filter configurations. This feature mitigates against potential hardware errors during system set-up, which makes it ideal for a multi-user environment.

Superior Scatter Resolution to Detect Small Particles

NovoCyte Advanteon’s scatter detection optics and signal processing electronics have been optimized to resolve particles of size down to 0.1 μm. With such superior resolution, platelets, bacteria, and various sub-micron particles can be readily identified and analyzed.


Flexible and Upgradeable Configurations

Choose anywhere from 1-3 lasers and up to 21 fluorescence channels, with “smart” filter sets. The NovoCyte Advanteon always knows when a filter is changed, provides instantaneous feedback, and reports accordingly.

Consistent Results, Fast or Slow

The fluidic feedback control mechanisms found on the NovoCyte Advanteon consistently maintain exceptionally steady flow rates. The superior stability across a wide range of sample flow rates provide consistent results under variable operating conditions. As shown below, the CV’s at different flow rates are dramatically improved over other systems on the market.

Streamlined Experimental Design, Set-up, and Data Analysis With The NovoExpress Software

Proven and Now Even More Advanced

On the NovoCyte Advanteon™, a pulse free, highly precise syringe pump is employed to drive your sample, which enables exceptionally accurate absolute counts.

  • One software interface for all: combining sample acquisition and data analysis
  • Analyze acquired data in real time during flow experiment to maximize productivity and efficiency
  • Customizable statistical parameters with live updates when running samples
  • Powerful compensation tools and convenient adjustments allow accurate pre- and post-acquisition compensation
  • Batch analysis and reporting
  • Easily create publication-quality figures with customizable plot scales, fonts, and legends
  • Export as FCS (3.0, 3.1) or CSV files, import FCS files for analysis

Advanced Data Analysis is Made Easy by NovoExpress

The Ultimate Autosampler with Flexibility and Performance Built-in

The NovoSampler Q is an automatic sample loading system that fulfills the requirement of high-throughput and automated sample acquisition. The NovoSampler Q seamlessly integrates with NovoCyte Advanteon, is exceptionally easy to operate, and delivers high-speed analysis and processing performance.

  • Automated plate calibration eliminates the need for manual alignment and calibration
  • Versatile loading modes with a variety sample formats (40 tube rack, 24/48/96/384 well plates), as well as customizable plates
  • Rapid and high-throughput reading, as fast as 20 mins, or less, for a 96-well plate and <80 mins for a 384-well plate
  • Reliable orbital shaking keeps samples in suspension at all times, which is important dosing experiments where cell settling would skew the results.
  • Fully integrated barcode reader provides rapid sample identification and tracking

The Ultimate Autosampler with Flexibility and Performance Built-in

  • Lab automation friendly with open architecture and developer-ready API
  • Compatible with robotic handling platforms to easily incorporate flow cytometry into your automated laboratory
  • Ideal for large screening applications, with long run times
  • Optional large fluidic cart to minimize downtime for re-filling sheath fluid and emptying waste