NovoCyte Quanteon™ Flow Cytometer

When Exceptional Performance Meets Simplicity.
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Built upon the tremendous success of the NovoCyte® line of flow cytometers, ACEA Biosciences now introduces the most advanced benchtop flow cytometer on the market today, the NovoCyte Quanteon™.

  • The Quanteon™ is a 4 laser flow cytometer that can be configured with up to 25 independent photomultipliers, thereby meeting the most demanding panels.
  • The proprietary photomultiplier technology employed in the Quanteon™ provides superior sensitivity and stability, along with a 7.2 log dynamic range. Very dim signals and very bright signals can all be captured and gated in the same view, thereby eliminating the need for laborious trial and error PMT tuning procedures. When developing large color panels, the Quanteon™ will save you hours of time and frustration.
  • Superior fluidics provide pulse-free sample delivery, with high reproducibility and exceptionally low CV’s. Absolute counts, without the use of expensive beads, will save you time and money.
  • Fully automated flow cell wash and shut down features, which mitigates against flow cell clogging. System is always ready-to-go for the next user.
  • Walk-away automation with the NovoSampler Q™. Provides superior shaking, even at ultralow volumes, accommodates the most popular plate formats, bar coding, and built-in API’s for lab automation systems.
  • Leverages the highly successful NovoExpress® software, which is considered one of the most popular software packages on the market. Auto-compensation features, cell cycle analysis modules, cell proliferation modules, heat maps, batch analysis, and much more, are all built-in to the NovoExpress® Software package. The NovoExpress® Software is renowned for its productivity attributes and especially for its ease-of-use. Even a novice can be up and running in under an hour.

Take the “Quanteon™” leap and reap the benefits of simplified single cell, high throughput, multiparametric analysis.


Exquisite sensitivity and 7.2 log dynamic range make the Quanteon™ ideal for the most demanding assays in Flow Cytometry

  • The most sensitive silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detector technology on the market today, is now on the NovoCyte Quanteon™. Ideal for rare event detection, studies in virology, and bacteriology, and for the analysis of phenotypic markers in low abundance.
  • 25 independent SiPM detectors for each of the fluorescent channels. Perfect for large panel design, and meets the needs of even the most demanding flow core labs.
  • Unprecedented 100nm small particle detection, which easily resolves extracellular vesicles, exosomes, virus particles, and more.
“Amazing instrument, it is the future of flow cytometry!”
“I have only wonderful things to say about the Novocyte®. It is incredibly easy to use, we get reproducible results, the software is the best one out there, the maintenance is super easy, and ACEA has excellent technical support! Can’t wait to upgrade to the 25-channel instrument!“
Luz M. Londoño, Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. (review from SelectScience)

Transformative simplicity, that meets the needs of flow cytometrist’s of every level of experience

  • Integrated Flow Cytometry solutions combined with operational simplicity, automation, and the highly intuitive NovoExpress™ software.
  • Simultaneous data collection and analysis provides tremendous time savings in both routine and highly complex experiments.
  • Auto-compensation, coupled with the power of a 7.2 log dynamic range, eliminates the need for routine detector adjustments
“Software is straightforward, and the software interface is easy to handle”
“This (NovoExpress®) software is straightforward, and the software interface is easy to handle. The implemented auto compensation and hierarchic tree structure is a highlight for effective organization of experimental data.”
Matthias Schiemann, Technische Universität München

Complete walk-away automation with the NovoSampler Q™ 

  • Convenient compatibility with a variety of sample formats, which includes 40-tube racks, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates. Also provides an easy switch between manual and automation modes.
  • Exceptionally fast throughput: 96-well plate can be run routinely in under 20 minutes.
  • Unparalleled operational accuracy & efficiency: <0.1% carryover, embedded barcode reader, LIMS compatibility, embedded API’s for ease of integration with large robotic workstations, and much more.
“My best friend in the lab!!!”
“I use the NovoCyte® to screen compounds for induction of micronuclei in the TK6 cell line as part of our gene tox strategy. With the NovoSampler® and 96-well format, the assay is extremely robust and the results reproducible to a very high degree. The NovoCyte® is user friendly and creating new applications to support our immune tox strategy has been delightfully easy, even for a novice within the field of immunology.”
Joan Christiansen, H. Lundbeck A/S. (NovoCyte review from SelectScience)
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NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer with NovoSampler Q™ and fluidics station

Four Lasers, 25 Colors Plus Scatter Parameters

The NovoCyte Quanteon™ is a breakthrough in flow cytometry design in that it provides 25 fluorescent channel capability, with light collected against 25 different detectors. Since the detectors have a 7.2 log dynamic range, coupled with advanced auto compensation features, the need to tune each detector has been completely alleviated. You now have the flexibility to choose from 25 fluorescent channels utilizing four lasers, without having to sacrifice the performance in one channel, for another channel.

The fluorescent channels available on the NovoCyte Quanteon™ from ACEA include:

NovoCyte Quanteon fluorescent channels

Advanced Optical Detection and Flexible Configuration

The proprietary optical detection system found inside the NovoCyte Quanteon™ employs a series of 25 Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM), which have superb detection sensitivity, at the photon level. The novel design provides highly discrete management of each fluorescent channel, superior optical detection, and cross-talk between channels is completely minimized. The NovoCyte Quanteon™ also has an automatic optical filter recognition feature, which allows users to efficiently change filter configurations, as needed by the user. The system has a fail-safe hardware feature, which conveniently alerts the user to any improperly arranged filter configurations. This feature mitigates against potential hardware errors during system set-up, which makes it ideal for a multi-user environment.

Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM) – The Most Sensitive Photodetector in the Market is Now in the Quanteon™

What is a SiPM?

Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM)

Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) are solid-state, silicon-substrate-based, photon-level-sensitive semiconductor devices, with a 7.2 log dynamic range. Consisting of a compact array of avalanche photodiodes operating in unison, the SiPM is a compact detector with photon counting capability. The innovative optics designed into the NovoCyte Quanteon™ incorporates 25 independent SiPM, which collect and process signals for each of its fluorescence channels.

SiPM’s strengths:

  • Superior photon detection sensitivity
  • High gain and high quantum efficiency
  • Instantaneous warm up and fast response
  • Robust and long lifespan
  • High durability

flow cytometry software with 7 log dynamic range

The Quanteon Provides Exceptional Reliability With Consistent Results, at both Fast or Slow Flow Rates

Equipped with lasers, optical filters, detectors, and fluidics of the highest quality, the Quanteon™ provides consistent signal detection, with low CV’s.  When combined with superior fluidic feedback control mechanisms, the Quanteon™ maintains steady flow rates with remarkable consistency.  As shown below, the Quanteon™ provides superior stability across a wide range of sample flow rates and operating conditions, which is a critical requirement for any high end flow cytometer.  The NovoCyte Quanteon™ gives you peace of mind, so that you can focus more on your experiments, with the assurance that your Quanteon™ will perform admirably.

Direct Absolute Cell Count Makes Reference Beads Obsolete

On the NovoCyte Quanteon™, a pulse free, highly precise syringe pump is employed to drive your sample, which enables exceptionally accurate absolute counts.

  • Volumetric absolute counts are determined for each and every sample, automatically.
  • Complicated calibration of the fluidics system is not required with the Quanteon™.
  • Expensive reference beads are not required.



A Fluidic System with Superior Reproducibility & Stability

The fluidic system found on the Quanteon™ is designed to deliver superior performance. When compared to other flow cytometers, the fluidic consistency and stability of the Quanteon™ is unmatched. Other instruments utilizing peristaltic pumps are often plagued with fluidic pulsation, causing inconsistency and inaccuracy in absolute cell counts.

Walk-away Automations Capabilities

The NovoCyte Quanteon™ provides enhanced automation capabilities with faster and higher throughput:

  • Quick startup and pre-scheduled shutdown.
  • Hassle-free fluidics allows for automatic clog detection and recovery.
  • “Smart” optical filters are automatically recognized by the instrument to ensure correct configuration with easy filter swapping.
  • The fluidic station will signal low fluid or high waste levels, and eliminates the need of manual inspection. Fluidics consumption is estimated before you run a plate, which ensures uninterrupted sample acquisition.
  • An integrated bar code scanner is employed, which captures essential plate and sample information.
  • The Quanteon™ supports a variety of plate formats (40 tube rack, 24/48/96/384 well plates), as well as a feature for custom plates.
  • The NovoSampler Q™ is a high performance orbital shaker, that is completely programmable and ensures proper cell suspension, even at the small volumes found in the 384 well plate format.


Powerful Software Modules

The new 1.3.0 version of NovoExpress® software supports the new NovoCyte Quanteon™ flow cytometers, the NovoSampler Q™ autosampler, and the full line of NovoCyte® flow cytometers and NovoSampler’s®.

The NovoExpress® Software is an easy-to-use and highly intuitive software package, which can be employed for both Flow Cytometry data collection and analysis, it provides a powerful range of professional flow cytometry data analysis functionalities, as well as a number of turn-key data analysis functions.

The highlighted features include:

  • One software interface for all: combining sample acquisition and data analysis.
  • Analyze acquired data in real time during flow experiment to maximize productivity and efficiency.
  • Customizable statistical parameters with live updates when running samples.
  • Powerful compensation tools and convenient adjustments allow accurate pre- and post-acquisition compensation.
  • Batch analysis and reporting.
  • Easily create publication-quality figures with customizable plot scale, font, and legend.
  • Export as FCS (3.0, 3.1) or CSV files, import FCS files for analysis.

  • Cell Cycle Analysis Module
    • Dean Jett Fox (DJF) and Watson Pragmatic algorithms are both incorporated in the NovoExpress cell cycle analysis module. The NovoExpress® software provides flexibility, and a choice, for cell cycle analysis and quantitation of G1, S, and G2/M transitions, as well as other parameters such as CV’s and G2/G1 ratio.
  • Cell Proliferation Modeling
    • Cell proliferation is studied to understand compound toxicity, drug effects on tumor cell growth, immune cell behavior under different conditions, and much more. Flow cytometry is ideal for measuring cell proliferation and studying unique cell types within a heterogeneous population providing more information than can be obtained in other commonly used assays.
      Automatic analysis of cell proliferation to quickly identify generations of cell division and calculate the proliferation index for easy quantitation.
  • Heat Map Data Representation
    • A heat map is a good representation of data statistics in the form of a map in which data values are represented as colors. Color representation of user-defined parameters allow quick visualization and comparison of many samples simultaneously.

Up to 27 Parameter Analysis

Equipped with 25 fluorescence channels from 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, and 637nm), the Quanteon™ offers tremendous flexibility in panel design. Optimized detector settings eliminate the need for complicated and laborious adjustments, making data acquisition as simple as load-and-go.

Figure 7: Above, we show an 18-color pan-leukocyte immunophenotyping panel on PBMCs using the NovoCyte Quanteon™, adapted from OMIP-024 (Cytometry Part A, 85A:995-998, 2014). This panel was designed to monitor different immune subsets with activation and differentiation markers.

100 nm Small Particle Resolution

NovoCyte Quanteon’s™ FSC/SSC detection optics and signal processing electronics have been optimized to resolve particles of size down to 0.1 μm. With such superior resolution, platelets, bacteria, and various sub-micron particles can be readily identified and analyzed.

NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer for 0.1~50 µm size particle detection

Figure 8: NovoCyte Quanteon™ Flow Cytometer for 0.1~50 µm size particle detection

Ordering Info

Cat. No.Description
2010097ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4025 Flow Cytometer  (4 Lasers, 25 FL channels)
2010099ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4020 Flow Cytometer (4 Lasers, 20 FL channels)
2010100ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4016 Flow Cytometer (4 Lasers, 16 FL channels)
2010101ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4000C (4 Lasers, 16~25 FL channels) Custom Build Flow Cytometer 
2010098ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4025 Flow Cytometer (4 Lasers, 25 FL channels) and NovoSampler® Q Combo
2010102ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4020 Flow Cytometer (4 Lasers, 20 FL channels) and NovoSampler® Q Combo
2010103ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4016 Flow Cytometer (4 Lasers, 16 FL channels) and NovoSampler® Q Combo
2010104ACEA NovoCyte Quanteon™ 4000C Custom Build Flow Cytometer and NovoSampler® Q Combo
2020098ACEA NovoSampler® Q (For NovoCyte Quanteon™ only)